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October 2016

Message from the President

Aloha Members,

As with all things, change is inevitable and so too, my tenure on the Board of Hawaii Craftsmen is ending.  I am stepping down as President at the end October.  By then, I will have served for 3 years and 7 months, the longest of any HC president I’m aware of.  I've enjoyed serving as your President and I’m not departing with any animosity, regret, or disappointment.  I will continue to volunteer and support Hawaii Craftsmen programs whenever I can.  

At this juncture in life I’m compelled to pursue an interest outside of the arts.  I’m involved in a political effort never achieved in American history.  No, I'm not running for office.  Rather, for almost a year, I’ve been working as the Hawaii State Director for the Convention of States Project, a non-partisan, non-profit, nationwide organization seeking to reduce the power of the federal government and return that power to the states—to Hawaii and her citizens.  You can learn more about this cause at  www.conventionofstates.com but suffice it to say I can't hold both positions and perform both jobs effectively.

I thank you for your support of Hawaii Craftsmen and its programs.  While no one has stepped forward as the next President, rest assured that our robust board of directors and officers will be leading this organization until that person is found.  

Thank you for a great 4 years as your President and Mahalo for all you do for the arts.

Mark White
President, Hawaii Craftsmen

49th Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition

October 25 - November 13, 2016

Honolulu Museum of Art School, Main Gallery
1111 Victoria St., Honolulu, HI 

Hawaiʻi Craftsmen 2016

49th Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition

Mahalo to all Artists, Friends and Members who have registered for the annual juried exhibition - registration is now closed.  New or altered entries will not be accepted at this point.

As a reminder please note that previously announced dates for intake and jurying of artwork on neighbor islands have been revised as follows: Hawaiʻi Island on October 17; Maui on October 18; Kauaʻi on October 19; and Oʻahu on October 19 for intake only and October 20 for jurying. Entries from Molokai and Lanaʻi will be juried online and announced on October 16. New or altered entries will not be accepted after October 1 or on intake days. The juror, Ms. Cindi Strauss, will present a free public lecture at each intake venue following jurying.

The 49th Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition will be held at the Honolulu Museum of Art School, Main Gallery and will be open to the public with free viewing from Tuesday, October 25, 2016 through Sunday, November 13, 2016.

Invited Artists

Each year Hawaiʻi Craftsmen recognizes members who represent various media with their excellent work and who have contributed to the Hawaiʻi art community at large. This year, the Board of Directors is pleased to honor as invited guest artists in the exhibit the Oahu-based ceramic artist, Daven Hee, the Maui-based wood artist Derek Bencomo, and the Maui-based glass artists William and Sally Worcester.


A prospectus with detailed information about the Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition is available online at www.hawaiicraftsmen.org/49th-annual-statewide-exhibition.


Hawaiʻi Craftsmen is currently seeking volunteers for a variety of exhibition-based activities for the following dates -

Intake/jurying and art pickup volunteer, Big Island, Maui, Kauai, & Oahu (Oct. 17-20 & Nov. 13, 2016)

Gallery prep and installation volunteer, Oahu (Oct. 21-24, 2016)

Packing/unpacking volunteer, Oahu (Oct. 21-22 & Nov. 14, 2016)

Hospitality and reception volunteer, Oahu (Oct. 24-25, 2016)

To volunteer, please contact Program Chair, Barbara Thompson, at barbarathompson@hawaiicraftsmen.org or Neighbor Island Representatives 

Hawai‘i Island Co-Chairs: Patti Pease Johnson, pattij3@hawaiiantel.net, (808)966-8861 Evan Jenkins, epj@hawaii.edu, (808)640-0283 

Maui Co-chairs: Ted Loberg and Mary Ann Leigh, maryannie@hawaii.rr.com, cell: (808)446-6036 & home: (808) 661-2028

Kaua‘i Chair: Carol Ann Davis, carolanndavis@hawaii.rr.com, (808)639-1936

Opening reception and awards ceremony to be held at the Honolulu Museum of Art School on O‘ahu, Oct. 25, 5:30-7:30 pm.


Invited Artists:

Derek Bencomo

Bill & Sally Worcester

Daven Hee Happy Birthday Hawai‘i Craftsmen:
Our Golden Anniversary

This fall, Hawai’i Craftsmen begins a year-long celebration of its 50th anniversary with special programs and initiatives generously funded by grants from the Hawaii Community Foundation, McInerny Foundation, Cooke Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation and the Laila Twigg-Smith Art Fund..

These anniversary initiatives include

1) The Strategic Partnership Programs, to help us build stronger ties with other local arts organizations

2) Professionalization workshops for members--the first of which was held in September at the UH Computer Training Lab.

3) Special programs with world class artists

4) A year-long evaluation initiative to help us improve our services to members and the arts community at large 

5) Professional photography of our anniversary exhibition installations for use in publications and social media 

6) Contracting an individual or firm to provide communications and public relations support throughout the year

7) A 50th anniversary logo, unveiled for the first time in this newsletter above

8) A new visual brand to be used on forthcoming communications throughout the anniversary year.


Happy Birthday, Hawai’i Craftsmen, and mahalo nui loa to all its members for their dedication and service to our organization throughout the years!

Hawaii Craftsmen 50th Anniversary Strategic Partnerships


Help us celebrate Hawaiʻi Craftsmen’s 50th Anniversary Year. In an effort to support an increased presence of fine craft programs during the year we are seeking partnerships with other art and fine craft organizations and community art centers, groups, and galleries. We hope that you will see the mutual benefits of these Strategic Partnerships and ideally we can begin an on-going working relationship to mutually support and promote Hawaii’s fine craft artists working primarily in functional and non-functional 2- and 3 dimensional art in clay, fiber, glass, wood, metal, stone, and mixed media.

We are accepting proposals for exhibits, art events, and workshops. 

Our over-arching goal is to celebrate and promote public art exhibitions, art displays, and events featuring fine craft arts and artists and by supporting artists working in clay, fiber, glass, wood, metal, stone, and mixed media through formal and informal workshops and educational opportunities. 

We consider this a fine way to celebrate 50 years of fine crafts in Hawaiʻi and we look forward to receiving an application from you at least 3 months in advance of your planned project. We are hopeful that together we can increase the appreciation and support of fine craft art throughout the state and beyond!



The Window at The ARTS at Marks Garage

October 2016

Juvana Soliven


You may find comfort momentarily.

You may be tricked into believing you are full and you are nourished — that your comfort is sustained.

But none of this is real, neither you nor I — We are but sadly posing surrogates for nurturing figures.

“Weaning” explores dynamics of the waning romantic relationship, adopting forms of baby toys and comfort devices to create a correlation between childhood dependence and adult romance.  These objects investigate how a pacifier is to a mother’s breast as an emotional bandage is to a substantial partnership.


TheWindow @ ARTS at Marks | TheWindow is an exhibition space within the ARTS at Marks gallery in downtown Honolulu, available for use by Hawai'i Craftsmen members at no charge. For more information, please contact info@hawaiicraftsmen.org or (808) 521-3282, or read about it here: hawaiicraftsmen.org/window 

Members Exhibits

Chen Chan Chen • 陳 陳 陳 | Diane Chen KW, Gaye Chan, Constance Chen Liu

Congratulations to Hawai‘i Craftsmen member Diane Chen KW !

September 30, 2016 - March 12, 2017 

Honolulu Museum of Art


Congratulations to Hawai‘i Craftsmen member Mary Ann Leigh - The ‘Best in Exhibition’ honor has been awarded to Maui artist Mary Ann Leigh for her Nene Threat Display Protects the Family entry. 

Hawai‘i National Parks 2016 Centennial Juried Exhibition

Maui Arts & Cultural Center
One Cameron Way
Kahului, HI 96732

Aug 30 - Nov 06, 2016

[note: gallery closed Saturday, October 29]


This unique exhibition will highlight an appreciation for the skills and creativity of artists and the essence of Hawai‘i’s National Parks. Artists were asked to submit new work inspired by Hawai‘i parks and monuments that conveys their personal interpretation of environmental, ecological, cultural, and political ideas.  With nearly 400 entries submitted from around the country, 77 works by 76 artists, from Hawai‘i and 12 other U.S. states have been selected to be part of the exhibit. All artists listed below.
Jurors are Jay Jensen, curator of contemporary art at Honolulu Museum of Art, and Nalani Kanaka‘ole, artist, kumu hula and cultural consultant.   

Observe & Play Family Day
Saturday, October 1, 2016; 10am-12pm
This family program offers a guided walk-through of the gallery, a chance to meet exhibiting artists, enjoy some ranger-led activities, and make a piece of art to take home.

Exhibition is supported in part by the Hawai‘i Pacific Parks Association and Friends of Haleakalā, with cash awards sponsored by Haleakalā Ranch.


Best in exhibition, overall work:

Mary Ann Leigh, Nene Threat Display Protects the Family

Best three-dimensional work:

Cathy Yoshihara, We Cannot Bury the Past

Best installation:

Jonathan Clark, Ahinahina in Mist

Jurors Honorable Mention:

Ken Charon, Ian Edmondson, Shaun Fleming, Wilma Nakamura, Bruna Stude

Rose Adare (Hawai‘i)  •  Kathleen Alexander (Maui)   •  Pamela Andelin (Maui)   •   Gwen Arkin (Maui)   •   Erika Baez (O‘ahu)   •   Debra Behr (California)  •  Bryan Berkowitz (Maui)  •  Judy Bisgard (Maui)  •  Alan Brown (Hawai‘i)  •  Tom Calhoun(Maui)   •  Hung Kwai Chan (O‘ahu)   •  Ken Charon (Hawai‘i)  •  Melissa Chimera(Maui)  •  Jonathan Clark (New York)  •  Michael Clements (Maui)  •  Christopher Cole (Maui)  •  Joseph Demaree (California)  •  Bob Douglas (Hawai‘i)  •  Ian Edmondson (Maui)  •  John Fansmith (Pennsylvania)  •  Kristin Fein (Maui)  •  Gerald Filipelli (Maui)  •  April Flanders (North Carolina)  •  Shaun Fleming(Maui)  •  Kit Gentry (Tennessee)  •  Ed Goldstein (Hawai‘i)  •  Ken Goodrich(Hawai‘i)  •  Kelsey Green (Kansas)  •  Cheryl Hachiya (Maui)  •  Stephen Haynes(O‘ahu)  •  Edgar Heap of Birds (Oklahoma)  •  Cora Hiranaka (O‘ahu)  •  Diana Nicholette Jeon (O‘ahu)  •  Linda Kane (O‘ahu)  •  Alina Kawai (O‘ahu)  •  Edwin Kayton (Hawai‘i)  •  Scott Lacasse (Maui)  •  Alan Lakritz (Hawai‘i)  •  Mary Ann Leigh (Maui)  •  Wayne Levin (Hawai‘i)  •  Kathleen MacDonald (Maui)  •  Kenne Brittain Mahoney (Kaua‘i)  •  Pat Mahony (California)  •  Julia Maudlin (Texas)  •  Michael McEachern (O‘ahu)  •  James McGrew (Oregon)  •  Jacob Medina(Hawai‘i)  •  Cesar Miro-Quesada (Maui)  •  Michael Mortara (Hawai‘i)  •  John Mydock (Hawai‘i)  •  Wilma Nakamura (Maui)  •  Paula Nokes (O‘ahu)  •  Tim O'Connor (Maui)  •  Darrell Orwig (Maui)  •  Lee Plevney (Maui)  •  Monty Preston(California)  •  Prajit Ravindran (Utah)  •  Marie Ritzman (Maui)  •  Delro Rosco(O‘ahu)  •  Wanda Russell (Maui)  •  Kay Lynne Sattler (Maui)  •  Christina Skaggs(Hawai‘i)  •  Olga Skorokhod (Oregon)  •  Jeffrey Skrimstad (California)  •  Stephen Smith (Maui)  •  Bruna Stude (Kaua‘i)  •  Robert Suzuki (Maui)  •  Jenna Szerlag(Maui)  •  Michael Takemoto (Maui)  •  Patricia Uehara (Hawai‘i)  •  Hilda Volkin(New Mexico)  •  Betsy Ward (Washington)  •  William Worcester (Maui)  •  Michael Worcester (Maui)  •  Kathy Yoshihara (California)  •  Doug Young (O‘ahu)

Recent acquisitions exhibition opens September 2nd, features contemporary art from across the Hawaiian islands

The newest exhibition at the Hawai‘i State Art Museum showcases recently acquired artworks from the Art in Public Places Collection of the Hawaii State Foundation on Culture and the Arts. Accession features 33 works by 27 artists from across the state of Hawai‘i:Evan M. Asato, Jan Becket, Derek Bencomo, Alison Beste, Judy D. Bisgard, Francisco Clemente, Hannah Day, Quincy Dein, Scott Fitzel, Sally French, Judy Gardner, Mary Goodrich, Diana Nicholette Jeon, Sanit Khewhok, David Kuraoka, Chenta Laury, Tom Lieber, Shigeru Miyamoto, Miho Morinue, John Mydock, Carl F.K. Pao, Zach Pezzillo, Brennan Simcock, Michael Patrick Smith, Jefferson Stillwell, Dominic Tidmarsh, and George Woollard.

Admission is always free!

The Hawai‘i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts Acquisition Award Selection Committee

AASC VISIT: Fiber Hawaii

The HSFCA was invited to bring an AASC to the Hawai’i Craftsmen's Fiber Hawaii: In, Of, or About Fiber 2016 exhibit at the Honolulu Museum of Art School Gallery. 2 artworks were nominated by the AASC for acquisition by the Art in Public Places Collection and will go to the HSFCA Board of Commissioners for approval. The HSFCA Board of Commissioners has also approved an AASC visit to the upcoming Hawai’i Craftsmen 49th Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition

Please submit Member exhibit information to newsletter@hawaiicraftsmen.org

Calls to Artists

Ceramics of Hawai‘i
The first statewide juried exhibition of ceramic art in Hawai‘i
Presented by: Hawai‘i Potters’ Guild
Juror: David Kuraoka
Honolulu Museum of Art School, Linekona Gallery
17 December 2016 - 8 January 2017




Due to changes at Mark’s Garage, Hawaii Craftsmen is looking for storage for it’s show pedestals, raku equipment and Archive - approximately 12ʻx12ʻ. Additionally we are looking for office space - room for a desk, filing cabinets and a bookcase. 

Know of any leads ? Contact us at info@hawaiicraftsmen.org



Hawaii craftsmen is looking for a volunteer to review and update our membership database.  This project would entail working with the the office manager in the Hawaii Craftsmen office for three consecutive sessions. For more information contact us at info@hawaiicraftsmen.org

We'd love your help! The board members and committee chairs take the leadership role in planning activities, and they need committee members who can meet regularly and help them with the details of their projects such as …

Events, Receptions

Fundraising and community outreach

• Sales - large and small throughout the year
• Raku – selling tea bowls, t-shirts, silent auction, etc. PR and Promotional activities • Organize community displays of members work • Follow up press releases with phone calls and personal meetings.

Hospitality/Hospitality Chairperson to coordinate the following activities:

• Help with receptions (slide lecture, or opening receptions) • Host a visiting artist in your home • Spend the morning, afternoon, evening with a guest artist • Provide leis for our guests, award winners and other VIPs at our events  

Winter/Spring - 'Aha Hana Lima committee member

Winter/Spring - Fundraising Dinner and Art Sales

Summer/Fall - Annual Statewide Juried Exhibition

Late Fall, Alternate Years - Fiber Hawai'i exhibition

Spring/Summer – Raku Ho'olaule'a

If you are interested in volunteering, send us an email at info@hawaiicraftsmen.org 
or visit us on our website HERE

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Hawai'i Craftsmen on Facebook 

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Contribute to Hawai'i Craftsmen

Through the generous support of government, private foundations and individual donors, Hawai‘i Craftsmen has been able to continue to provide our community with successful programs. However, grants vary considerably from year to year and have recently been reduced significantly. Grants do not cover growing administrative costs such as rent, insurance and accounting expense or replacing aging office equipment such as computers and printers.    

Funding and cash flow remain the biggest challenges. We have a home in the Arts at Marks Garage but we must pay rent and our administrative costs, while moderate by industry standards, are increasing.

Your involvement is vital to continue to make Hawai'i Craftsmen a success. We are increasingly dependent on individual contributions to improve member services and to cover basic office operations. Your contribution to Hawai‘i Craftsmen, in any amount, is critical to our future and tangibly recognizes the value of our programs. We welcome all contributions and suggestions for guaranteeing our future financial sustainability and more years of serving the Hawai'i art community.

Mahalo for your support!



Office: 1159 Nu'uanu Ave., Honolulu HI 96817 
Office Administrator: John Friend, info@hawaiicraftsmen.org, (808) 521-3282
Newsletter Editor:  newsletter@hawaiicraftsmen.org
Board President: Mark White, president@hawaiicraftsmen.org

Hawaii Craftsmen is supported by the Hawai'i State Foundation on Culture and the Arts, the Hawaii Community Foundation, Atherton Family Foundation, the Cooke Foundation, the McInerny Foundation, several private family foundations and you, our members. 


HAWAI‘I CRAFTSMEN 1110 NUUANU AVE, HONOLULU, HI 96817info@hawaiicraftsmen.org • 808-521-3282

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